Success Stories

Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients say about us and see the type of work we do with them through our case studies.

“After going through redundancy and taking on short term assignments in the interim of finding a permanent role I found myself quite lost. I found a permanent role I had never done before and needed coaching and guidance on how to best represent myself in my new role. I suffered imposter syndrome and found it really difficult to connect with my new role. Bénicia helped me do a deep dived into my thoughts and set backs and we built a structured personal plan to help me move forward. We spent sessions understanding how to move forward and assessing techniques that would help me. Now my confidence is beaming and I have been able to apply the techniques everyday in my role. The improvements have been recognised by my team and by me. I would 100% recommend Advise Tree.”

MD, Graduate Development Operations Lead

“ I felt institutionally lost and at times defeated…..”

I have been using Advise Tree since early 2020, and I have to say that they have transformed my performance during interviews.  I was until recently, unemployed, having applied for countless roles.

My CV was good and attracted the right attention, but when I was given the opportunity to shine, I seemed to lack the final composure I once had to perform at my highest potential during interviews!

Advise Tree provided real-time thinking exercises that have given me a critical insight into my performance, which allowed me to make crucial decisions and ultimately become more effective and competitive in the marketplace.

Their coaching, attention to detail and creative approach helped me to reduce uncertainty in my thinking, while personality and psychometric tests were extremely helpful in bringing out the extraverted part of my personality which to be honest, I had never done before!

I strongly recommend Advise Tree to my contacts, and say go with an open mind, because what you put in, is what you will receive and more.

Jay Findlay, Operations, Financial Services 

“I met Bénicia at a time when I was looking for a new challenge in my career. The thing is, I was being too direct and honest with my prospects and the recruiters, and it proved to be quite counterproductive. Besides, I was working in an industry which suffered from “greenwashing” and my purpose was to have a genuine positive impact in my professional practice. Thus, Bénicia and I worked together on how to adapt my speech for job interviews with human resources, operations, middle and senior management. She helped me review my CV and provided me with templates to use to improve my own CV.
We had prep sessions and mock interviews with feedback during which I found ways to rephrase how I presented my past experiences in an effective and fruitful manner. She was available despite having a heavy workload and I could sense a lot of life experience in her approach. It was a holistic experience that gave me resources to grow my inner tree and become more confident about my professional future.

I would highly recommend working with Bénicia and Advise Tree to anyone that wants to move on
in their career. She has a great sense of discernment and can read through people’s soul to reveal the
best of it, and in a human and positive manner! She is polite and well-mannered and communicates
very efficiently.

On a personal note, I now work in sustainability and circular economy after a long time in the
banking world. Without Benicia, all that would have never been possible. I don’t like using grades
because it might be discouraging for some, but if had to, I would give Bénicia a AAA.”

Thomas D. Senior Consultant

“I am very satisfied with the coaching session with Stéphanie as the competency behavioural questions I was asked during my interview were very similar to the ones we analysed in our session together. I felt she was both very competent in the matters she was explaining whereas at the same time giving me concrete examples and immediate feedback on the way I delivered the mock responses. Therefore, I strongly recommend her and praise her for the way she handled the session.”

Student, HEC Paris, MSC International Finance, Class of 2022

“Stéphanie’s coaching had a positive impact on my life and career from the first session we had together. I really appreciated her structured way of approaching our sessions, her professionalism and extensive knowledge. Her vast recruitment experience in combination with her coaching technique helped me grow as a job candidate, interviewee and as a person. Moreover, working with Stéphanie was an absolute pleasure. Her kindness, understanding and support made it so easy for me to immediately open up, feel safe, accepted and ready to tackle any challenges. Her passion for helping people is apparent and truly heart-warming. I would highly recommend Stéphanie to anyone looking to grow both in life and in their career as the value she added to my life is immense.”

Radostina K., Social Media and Marketing Specialist

“I approached Bénicia at a career crossroads and was in a bit of a muddle. She was very helpful in helping me organise my thoughts by taking me through a SWOT analysis in relation to my different options. Going through this process helped me feel clearer. I felt confident in sharing career related issues due to Bénicia’s background in recruitment.”

MC, Drama Therapist

“I am writing to take a moment to recognise the great work Bénicia has done providing me a career coaching experience. Along the ten one-hour sessions, Bénicia has driven me to verbalise and understand behaviours and patterns which were either beneficial or detrimental to my goals.
Thanks to an attentive ear, raising the difficult and eye-opening questions, she has provided me the keys to unlock a new focused and detailed approach to success. I would recommend this fantastic human centric & game changing experience to anyone willing to make a change or accelerate his or her career. Bénicia will help you create a better path guiding you with her excellent knowledge of corporate functions and concerns.”

TD, Senior Customer Analyst

“I am more than thrilled to have Steph as a coach. She is an outstanding professional who manages to communicate what I need to hear as well as giving me sincere encouragement. As a leader of a start up social enterprise, I have often been overwhelmed and lacking in confidence, but after just 6 sessions I feel like I have made great headway; I can see now where my old limited beliefs have been at work and with Steph’s help I know I will unravel the lot! Already I have greater clarity of what my role is and my overall vision and purpose is stronger.

Steph has a variety of tools to use and as someone who has been through a fair amount of self development I am sometimes inclined to think ‘been there, done that’ only to have some greater revelation hit me! Her methods work and to have actionable steps mapped out for the week which I am accountable for is a great weight off my shoulders. Starting up a new enterprise can sometimes feel like a lonely experience but Steph makes me feel that she is on my team and is determined for me to be best I can be. What more could I ask for in a coach?”

Ruth Torjussen, CEO, Social Entreprise

Case Studies

Getting into an Executive role
We were approached by a client who, despite her best effort, had been struggling to get promoted into an executive role. Having such role made sense for her as she wanted to be able to manage and develop teams, have responsibilities for a department and be in a role where she could have a strategic impact through her interactions with senior executives within the organisation.
Since her firm was going through a major reorganisation, an opportunity rose for her to take redundancy and start an executive diploma to compliment her skills. She embarked on this journey to further educate herself. Half way through the executive programme she realised that whilst it allowed her to develop her skills in management and leadership, beyond that she would need career advisory and job search strategy support to make sure she found the right role for her.
Through coaching, we helped her understand why she had not managed to get the promotion in her previous firm and to clarify a path for her to take in the future. We then focused our attention on career advisory and were able to highlight her preferences and where she should look to apply. Finally we worked on how to position herself in the market by improving her CV and LinkedIn profile. We also explored how she could leverage LinkedIn to grow her network, be active on the platform and create connections that could turn into tangible job leads. She is now equipped with all the tools she needs. Once she starts the interview process, we will be able to support her with capability and competency based interview skills and provide her with our insider’s knowledge and perspective.

Rebuilding confidence, finding purpose and a way forward after a career break
One of our clients has found herself at a crossroad and could not find a way forward. She took a career break five years ago to travel, move to a different country and look after her family. She then settled into a routine and situation which she found very comfortable at first but after five years she felt this was not enough anymore. However she struggled to find motivation and the confidence to take the necessary steps towards a more fulfilling life of her own.
When we had our chemistry call, she had already started exploring ways to set up goals for herself and get rid of the fear of missing out. However she needed a coach to help her get more clarity on all the options available to her before she could make a decision, elaborate a plan and follow through with it. We work together and through the exploration of her values, she could start envisioning a life more in line with her true self. We challenged her limiting beliefs and held her accountable for reaching milestones towards her ultimate goal.
The coaching journey has enabled her to reconnect with herself, something she had not done for a while and to challenge some of the assumptions and actions she has taken over the past five years. She has gained a new sense of purpose and we are still working towards achieving her goal.