Worried you are working in a dead-end industry?

During this pandemic, a lot of industries have been disrupted. If you are concerned that your career has come or is coming to an end, you are amongst the high number of people who have been made redundant over the last few months. As the furlough scheme comes to an end, unemployment will be on the rise. So, what actions can you take if you are faced with this situation?

Update your CV and LinkedIn profile and identify transferable skills

You can start by updating your CV and LinkedIn profile and identify transferable skills that will appeal to other industries. Highlight any success that you have achieved in your previous roles.

If you are targeting a particular industry, do your research.  Here are some questions to help you.

  • What backgrounds do their current employees have?
  • What type of roles do they advertise?
  • How can you tailor your CV to highlight your transferable skills set?

Reskill yourself

With more courses now being available online, think of how you can learn a new skill to help you in securing a role in a different sector.

Be strategic

Try not to spread yourself too thin. Select a few companies that you want to target in one industry.

Be realistic

Manage your expectations when you are applying for roles when switching industries. You might have to take a more junior position as you are learning the ropes.


At Advise tree, we provide redundancy coaching to help you navigate these challenging times. To find out more please email info@advise-tree.com.