How to strike a work-life balance when you cannot leave your home 

With the announcement of the new lockdown rules, we found ourselves once more confined to our homes. With schools also being shut, some of us will also be home schooling. Not forgetting that we are in the middle of winter, the thought of escaping by going for a walk in the freezing cold and rain is not exactly appealing!

How can we create boundaries between work and home? The transition between the two in the current climate can be very hard.  Here are four steps that can help you to create a better work/home environment:

Structure your day

Establish a routine and stick to it to build a habit whether that is having a home workout before you start or preparing breakfast for your family.

Take regular breaks

Whilst working from home, it is all too easy to carry on working and skip meals. More than ever now it is important to take breaks away from your computer.

Be clear on when your workday ends

As challenging as it may be, once all critical emails have been responded to, you need to decide when to call it a day. Have a wrap up time in mind and prepare your priority task list for the next day.

Practice Mindfulness

The mind can become anxious even without an identifiable fear. Fortunately, mindfulness and meditation are extremely effective in alleviating anxiety. Practice breathing exercises so that you can offer your mind a chance to slow down and gain perspective. Mindfulness helps create space. It will enable you to be less reactive to the content of our thoughts.

At Advise Tree we offer wellness and resilience coaching to help individuals to develop coping mechanisms with working remotely, combatting isolation and loneliness to name a few.

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