How to retain early careers talent and build a diverse organisation

Diversity, equity and inclusion has been on the agenda for a little while now. It is hard to develop and retain a diverse junior talent due to the market being competitive. So how can companies create diverse talent from within?

Increase internal mobility including international mobility

Evaluate and track how your junior talent is progressing. If they don’t feel like they are being valued or they have been promoted, chances are they can go to a competitor. By providing them with more opportunities internally will increase staff retention.

Training and mentoring

Invest in your talent by providing training and learning opportunities so that they can see their career evolving. By providing them with a career path they are likely to remain motivated.

Mentoring programmes can give junior staff the reassurance that their future is being invested in if they are paired with mentors who have thrived within the organisation. This will develop a positive work environment, increase learning opportunities, and job satisfaction for the junior talent which will reduce their turnover.

Organise quarterly internal mobility events

Internal mobility event will provide an opportunity to network with various business units and increase their knowledge.


Analyse what your competitors are doing to attract and retain their staff.  For example, how long are their roles advertised internally? What events do they run?

Succession planning

Be proactive and identify skills sets internally even if there are no roles available yet. Succession planning can help in identifying future talent.

At Advise Tree, we use the psychometric testing tool Lumina Spark to help organisations manage talent and succession planning by assessing the skills of their employees at all levels of seniority. We run tailored team workshops to help promote deep diversity in the teams.

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